Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Worse than Kelo v. City of New London

Just six years ago conservatives were up in arms about the case of Kelo v. City of New London in which the City of New London, Connecticut used eminent domain to condemn private property which it then transferred to another private party for use in a redevelopment project. Kelo at least involved the elected government of a locality exercising its authority within its own jurisdiction.

Now we have the case of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Congressman Fred Upton and the Republican Party of Michigan have used a new "reform" law to shut down the government of Benton Harbor and steal a public park and beach from the small city and hand it to developers who--wait for it--have extensive ties with the Republican Party of Michigan.

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This is big government being used to steal valuable property from a small, poor locality. I patiently await the roars of disapproval from America's conservatives.

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James Young said...

Of course, as you know, it is black-letter law that local governments are simply instrumentalities of the states in which they are located, and state governments have this authority.

Whether it is wise or not --- I tend to believe that it is not --- is a different question. Just as is the question presented in Kelo.

Try to compare apples with apples next time.