Thursday, April 07, 2011

Prepare for a Democratic Wave in 2012

Democrats need to begin laying the foundation for a huge Democratic wave year in 2012. The Republicans in Congress have learned nothing from the Republican debacle in Wisconsin. Most of those new Tea Party congressmen are from districts that are winnable by Democrats, they are in fact brand new because in most cases they just defeated a Democratic incumbent. If Wisconsin is any indication, we are about to see a massive negative response against the Republican Party.

The GOP along with some reporters with a vested interest in proclaiming "a pox on all your houses" are trying to make it seem as though the impending shutdown is everyone's fault. The reality is--and the pictures and video will show--that the drive to shut down the federal government and all the misery that will inflict is what the Republicans want. There aren't any Democrats demonstrating in front of the Capitol demanding that they "Shut it Down!" Those are all Republicans.

Democratic leaders, when they appear on camera, appear deeply concerned and upset at what is happening. Republicans appear jubilant. Eric Cantor is so happy I'm afraid he's going to wet his pants. Short term, Americans will buy the lie--long term they are going to see the pictures, see Cantor's wide grin, and they'll figure who is responsible.

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