Monday, March 14, 2011

Wealthy Tea Party candidate turns out to be a deadbeat

There's a joke going around in various versions that goes something like this: a corporate CEO, a Tea Party activist, and a union member walk into a doughnut shop. "Let's split a dozen doughnuts," the CEO says. The others agree, and they order a dozen doughnuts. When the cashier rings up the order, the CEO says, "I don't have any cash on me, can you two cover me? I'll pay you back later." The Tea Partyer and the union guy shrug, and each hand the cashier a few dollars for the box of doughnuts. The CEO immediately grabs the box and takes it to a nearby table. He opens the box and gobbles down eleven of the doughnuts. The union guy is speechless, his mouth just hanging open. The CEO wiped his mouth and leaned over to the Tea Partyer and whispered in his ear: "Careful, I think the union guy wants part of your doughnut."

People who understand the sense of entitlement felt by the hyper-wealthy like former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino will find it unsurprising that the cadaverous Paladino has decided to screw over the people who worked for him during his unsuccessful campaign for the New York governor's mansion:
It's been a while since we last heard news about Carl Paladino -- Buffalo's millionaire slumlord-turned failed New York gubernatorial candidate. Well, the Buffalo News has an update on our favorite Tea Partier from the north! Crazy Carl has decided that he doesn't need to pay the campaign staffers, consultants and vendors who helped him run against Andrew Cuomo. According to ex-staffers interviewed by the paper, Paladino still owes out about $130,000 in various fees and salaries.
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