Monday, March 07, 2011

Virginia Republicans should think twice before rallying around Scott Walker

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In the not so distant future Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is going to be revealed as an incompetent and possibly even corrupt bumbler. As this clip from Rachel Maddow shows, Walker's latest attempt at union busting is not his first. Walker's first attempt involved security at a courts building and has cost the city of Milwaukee nearly half a million dollars so far, it will probably cost much more to completely iron out what Walker did when he set out to destroy the local Milwaukee security guards' union.

Virginia Republicans should think twice about climbing into bed with someone like Walker. My sense is that Walker's attempt to bust the unions in Wisconsin at the behest of the Koch brothers is going to fail and will boomerang against the people who supported him. The Republicans promised in 2010 to focus on job creation. To date, they have done precisely nothing. Speaker Boehner has scoffed at the idea of creating jobs and has said he would persist in pushing the Republican agenda even if it cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. In 2012, Republicans across the United States are going to have to defend their anti-worker, anti-jobs agenda, and Scott Walker and John Boehner are going to be the poster children for the Republican Party's failure to get Americans back to work.

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