Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Scott Walker wavering, about to cave

Apparently even right wing corrupt politicians who have sold their souls to the Koch brothers can read polls:
The e-mails, some dated as recently as Sunday, show a softened stance in Walker's talks with the 14 Democrats who fled to Illinois to block a vote on his original proposal that would strip nearly all collective bargaining rights for public workers and force concessions amounting to an average 8 percent pay cut.

Under the compromise floated by Walker and detailed in the e-mails, workers would be able to continue bargaining over their salaries with no limit, a change from his original plan that banned negotiated salary increases beyond inflation. He also proposed compromises allowing collective bargaining to stay in place on mandatory overtime, performance bonuses, hazardous duty pay and classroom size for teachers.

Increased contributions for health insurance and pension, projected to save the state $330 million by mid-2013, would remain. The unions and Democrats have agreed to those concessions to help balance a projected $3.6 billion budget shortfall.
Read the details here.

Walker is tanking in the polls and will be lucky indeed if he dodges a recall next year. The key thing to remember is that Walker lied about the budget shortfall he used as the excuse for his anti-union crusade. Since then, he's also violated ethics rules by trying to fund raise from his government office and trying to coordinate independent messaging with someone he thought was Charles Koch. Look in the dictionary for the word "damaged" and you'll find a picture of Scott Walker there.

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