Monday, March 07, 2011

Rumors of capitulation by Wisconsin Democrats are premature

Republicans rejoiced prematurely this morning at news that Wisconsin Democrats were about to cave in to the union-busting demands of Governor Scott Walker
The Democratic state Senate leader in Wisconsin has written a letter to Gov. Scott Walker asking him to hold a meeting to resolve differences regarding his controversial proposed budget at a neutral site along the Wisconsin-Illinois border.

Mark Miller, who on Sunday night was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying he was prepared to head back to the state capital to force a vote on the budget -- even without ensuring that the controversial anti-collective bargaining provision was dropped -- walked back that impression on Monday morning.
Not so fast. Miller has offered to meet face to face with Walker near the Wisconsin border, but still safely out of the clutches of Walker's thugs. I doubt anything will come of the offer. Miller is just trying to make it clear that Democrats are willing to negotiate, while Walker is the one who is completely unwilling to bend.

It would be a huge mistake for Wisconsin Democrats to cave in at this point. Saturday there was a huge demonstration in their support at Madison. The Wisconsin 14 need to hold on and let the recall election preparations continue.

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