Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Live from the capitol of Wisconsin

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Wow. We can only sit back and wonder where this is going to go. Obviously there will be a huge attempt to recall as many of these Republicans as possible, but the Republicans are are already signaling that they are going to challenge the constitutionality of the Wisconsin constitution's recall provisions. Way too many wild cards to predict where this one goes, because the Republicans have thrown out the rules and are just making it up as they go. It's no longer about the rule of law: it's about the naked application of power.


James Young said...

"Thrown out the rules"?!?!

Your complaint is really that this is well WITHIN the rules, as a way of overcoming Democrat petulance on a vote they knew they would lose.

The Richmonder said...

Actually no James, there are several questions of Wisconsin law that neither you nor I are really qualified to opine that were raised by the Republicans actions last night. The only certain outcome at this point is litigation.

Wisconsin has also woken up a lot of people to the existential threat the Republican Party poses towards the working middle class. I honestly don't know how this turns out. The working middle class may very well lose this battle and be crushed by the GOP and its corporate backers. Or ordinary Americans may wake up to the fact that they don't have to accept peonage if they don't want to, that they can fight back and put the wealthy and their corporations back into their proper place.

We will all have to live with the consequences, one way or another.

James Young said...

"Wisconsin has also woken up a lot of people to the existential threat the Republican Party poses towards the working middle class."

Noooo, that was some mind-altering substance they were/you are consuming.

The Richmonder said...

Joke all you like James, but that big Republican wave in 2010--a wave that several of those GOP state senators in Wisconsin rode in on--was built on the promise of more jobs. Instead, the GOP has been waging culture war and class war against working people. When 2012 rolls around and Republicans have done nothing but kill jobs and drive down income for working families, well it's not going to be pretty. It'll 2006 all over again.