Monday, March 07, 2011

Has Radtke's senate run stalled out?

The Radtke campaign seems awfully quiet lately. It's been a month since Radtke's campaign has posted a video to Youtube--the video at the top of this page--an appearance in late January 2011. Meanwhile, George Allen continues to appear in the media and posts many of those appearances to ">his own YouTube page. But it was the release of this PPP poll last week that probably spells the end for Radtke and her supporters.
George Allen - 67%
Bob Marshall - 7%
David McCormick - 3%
Jamie Radtke - 4%
Corey Stewart - 3%
Someone else/Not sure - 18%
Poll numbers like these suggest that Radtke has failed to even get a majority of the support of the Tea Party's Virginia membership. Radtke helped to organize Virginia's first Tea Party convention and based on that success I had previously predicted a much stronger showing on her part. I think that my early belief in Radtke's potential to compete with Allen has been pretty decisively proven to have been wrong--maybe it is time to count Jamie Radtke out.

Radtke has now become the butt of jokes at conservative Virginia Über-site Bearing Drift, which ironically recycles an attack that was originally used against Sarah Palin by Liberals in 2008: that she was essentially ignorant when it comes to foreign affairs and current news developments. Will Radtke persist in the face of being compared to Sarah Palin and being ridiculed for it, or will she cut her losses and get out of the way of the all but inevitable George Allen?

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