Monday, March 14, 2011

Everybody wanted to break the Kaine Senate story, and nobody did

What today's online buzz demonstrated was how much the various political pundits, writers, and bloggers in Virginia want to be the one who breaks the that Tim Kaine is running for Jim Webb's seat in the U.S. Senate. Apparently one of Kaine's students in the University of Richmond class that Kaine teaches asked him outright whether he would be running and Kaine responded that he was increasingly leaning in that direction but hadn't decided definitely, or something to that effect. Soon after this, someone calling himself "Greg" called in WINA news radio in Charlottesville claiming that his friends had told him that Kaine had made a "formal announcement" of his candidacy in their class. Bang! The Virginia punditocracy was off to the races.

Some will attempt to read something into this incident: that Kaine "slipped up" or "let the cat out of the bag" or "prematurely launched" his campaign. Nonsense. The only thing today's event proves is that everyone in the Virginia punditocracy and blogosphere wants to be the one to break the news that Kaine is in or out. It is a reflection of the fact that the possibility of a race between George Allen and Tim Kaine would be a big story. But beyond confirming that rather obvious fact, nothing of any importance happened in Virginia politics today.

Governor Kaine, when you are ready to officially announce your decision, give me a call--I'll do your announcement justice.

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