Monday, February 28, 2011

Unions didn't break the budget: the Republicans, the Pentagon, and mercenaries broke the budget

Let's bust the war profiteers first. If that doesn't go a long way towards solving the budget crisis, well maybe then we can talk about unions.
A new report from a bipartisan commission set up to scrutinize the unprecedented use of contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan concludes that the United States has wasted tens of billions of the nearly $177 billion that has been spent on those contracts and grants since 2002.

The report, titled "At What Risk? Correcting Over-reliance on Contractors in Contingency Operations," said its estimate may even understate the problem because it may not take into full account ill-conceived projects, poor planning and oversight by the U.S. government, as well as criminal behavior and blatant corruption by both government and contractor employees.
Read more at Talking Points Memo and read the entire report here.

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James Young said...

Why bother with the middleman? The Pentagon's budget is just under $700 billion, or just over a third of the entire DEFICIT.

And your entire point is a non sequitor: unions have far less to do with Federal fiscal problems than they do with fiscal problems in the states where they are granted monopoly bargaining power.