Monday, January 17, 2011

Lobby Day 2011

I just returned from Capitol Hill where I spent the morning observing this year's Lobby Day--the day when ordinary Virginia citizens descend on the Capitol and meet their legislators. I'm sitting in one of my favorite downtown locations now enjoying some lunch and going through my photos and video.

Some quick first impressions: the gun lobby was out in much smaller numbers than last year, and were far more subdued, which I suppose is to be expected. I have some photos of last year's gun lobby rally and at some point I'll put up a post allowing you to compare this year's crowd with last year.

In general the mood on the hill today was upbeat. The crowds of constituents were cheerful and many waves and hugs among old friends and acquaintances were exchanged. I saw the owl--the owl is probably my favorite thing about Lobby Day.

I attended this morning's press conference on mortgage foreclosure reform and it was interesting and informative. I shot some video and photos of this meeting and I'll post that in a bit once I go through it and decide if it's worth seeing.

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