Friday, January 28, 2011

DMV Extension and Improvement Bills passes Senate Transportation Committee

Legislation championed by State Senators Chap Petersen and Henry Marsh has passed the Senate's Transportation Committee. From Senator Petersen's office:
Senate Transportation Committee Passes DMV Extension and Improvement Bills

Richmond – Yesterday at the Capitol, the Senate Transportation Committee passed Senate Bill 1226, patroned by Senator J. Chapman Petersen (D-Fairfax City), and recommended that his SB 1225 be rolled into SB 776, which was filed by Henry Marsh (D-Dinwiddie and Petersburg).

Senator Petersen’s SB 1225 and Senator Marsh’s SB 776 permit all local governments to open DMV offices and agencies in areas that do not have them. The intent is to create a sustainable model that complements Virginia’s fifty-seven already existing DMV branch offices. “Most of the ‘Selects’ are operated by Commissioners of Revenue at the courthouse or county building and are a great convenience (we started this in Fairfax City),” explains Senator Petersen. “It maintains fiscal integrity needed by the DMV to continue to offer a valuable service, and I am pleased to support this bill which serves as a convenience to DMV customers around the state,” adds Senator Marsh.

Senator Petersen’s SB 1226 establishes a “One Stop” licensing program, whereby new businesses can register for a business license and also complete their state and local tax paperwork in one governmental location. “Such a system would facilitate tasks like renewing a driver’s license or starting a new business,” says Senator Petersen.

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