Friday, January 21, 2011

Brian Kirwin plays the race card

In a post at Bearing Drift today, Republican blogger Brian Kirwin accuses Democrats of only talking about "slavery and nazis." For the nazi portion of his assertion, he cites Steve Cohen's recent intemperate remarks. Cohen's remarks are indefensible. Just because Republicans lie all the time about almost everything, it doesn't make them nazis, even though the nazis were also liars. For the slavery portion of his accusation, Kirwin cites something said by Virginia State Senator Mamie Locke.
“It was the same type of rhetoric that was used in the 1850s before the Civil War,” Locke said Thursday. “It’s so 1861-ish.”
There's just one problem: if you read the quote and click through and read the article it was drawn from you find that no where did Locke talk about slavery. Locke's remarks were limited to a discussion how recent Republican rhetoric mirrors the kind of nullification rhetoric used by Southerner to support secession and assert states' rights.

Where does Brian Kirwin get that Mamie Locke said anything about slavery? Mamie Locke is, of course, African American. Is that how Kirwin made the leap? Did Kirwin respond to the dog whistle in his own head?

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Avenging Archangel said...

Brian Kirwin's notorius anti-civil rights views are well-known. Simply search Bearing Drift and you'll see his repeated attacks on civil rights, civil rights groups, and civil rights leaders.

Therefore, his launching a baseless attack on the chief of the Black Legislative Caucus should surprise no one.