Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bomb found on MLK parade route

Someone attempted to carry out a bombing attack on a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Spokane, Washington:
The FBI offered a reward Tuesday for information about a potentially lethal bomb found in a backpack along the downtown route of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade.

The discovery before Monday's parade for the slain civil rights leader raised the possibility of a racial motive in a region that has been home to the white supremacist Aryan Nations.

"The confluence of the holiday, the march and the device is inescapable," said Frank Harrill, special agent in charge of the Spokane FBI office. "But we are not at the point where we can draw any particular motive."

He called the planting of the bomb an act of domestic terrorism that was clearly designed to advance a political or social agenda.
Read the rest here. Of course the right wing is going to deny that this had anything to do with a "political or social agenda."

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