Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terror threats may have cost Tea Bagger chief of staff post

Somebody's call for Second Amendment remedies may have bit her in the ass, and I'm not talking about Sharon Angle:
Did Joyce Kaufman, the South Florida right-wing radio talk show host who was named (and then unnamed) as Republican Rep.-elect Allen West's chief of staff, inspire the deranged person whose threats led to yesterday's lock down of Broward County public schools, libraries and post offices? It looks that way.

As you might recall, someone emailed Kaufman's radio station, WFTL, declaring that he or she was planning a violent act against some kind of government building, possibly a school. A phone call to the station yesterday, from a woman identifying herself as the e-mailer's wife, later warned that this man could potentially commit a terrorist act against a public school. That prompted a countywide lock down of all public schools.
Inspire terroristic threats and lose your job, sounds like a reasonable rule to me. What a pity that it isn't applied to more conservative broadcasters who egg their listeners on to violent attacks.

Read the complete story of how Joyce Kaufman blew her big shiny Washington DC job before she ever got the chance to set foot in DC.

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