Thursday, November 04, 2010

Peter Rousselot announces he is running for DPVA Chair

Looks like we are going have a contested election for DPVA chair:
The next DPVA Chair should focus on statewide Democratic strategies—i.e., DPVA’s focus should be on maximizing the ability of Democratic candidates to win statewide races in Virginia. Statewide races captivate and motivate our base, meaning that by focusing statewide, DPVA also will be maximizing opportunities to win in Virginia Senate, House of Delegates, and local races.

DPVA exists to help elect Democratic candidates in Virginia—from the school house to the White House. But, DPVA should never be tied too closely to any single Democratic elected official or candidate. Instead, DPVA should be an independent force for building the Democratic Party in Virginia, drawing on the wisdom and experience of all Democrats from our Democratic elected officials to the grassroots.
You can read more about Peter Rousselot at his campaign site. Brian Moran has also expressed interest in the job, but I am not aware that he has officially declared or that he has any sort of site (if he does, someone please send the link).

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