Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hurt supporters break into Perriello campaign office

In a desperate last-minute attempt to suppress the Democratic vote, supporters of Republican Robert Hurt apparently broke into a campaign office belonging to the Tom Perriello campaign last night. The thieves stole campaign materials that had been assembled for door-to-door canvassing, including "door hangers"--a kind of campaign literature that is hung on the door knobs of potential voters with information about poll locations. The thieves then took the extraordinary step of distributing the materials to the wrong areas in an apparent attempt to send potential voters to the wrong polling station.

This sort of thing was probably to be expected in the 5th. After all, someone in the 5th previously attempted to burn down Perriello's brother's home (thinking it was Perriello's) by sabotaging a propane gas line. Someone willing to try and set a house with small children inside it on fire probably isn't going to balk at a little breaking and entering with larceny thrown in for good measure.


James Young said...

Nothing like a rush to judgment!

Can't wait to hear that your head exploded when the GOP wins a majority in Congress!

The Richmonder said...

Actually James, things have come out more or less as I expected. In 2008 the Democratic Party was given a mandate for revolutionary change, but they decided to limit themselves to evolutionary change instead. It wasn't enough. It was even close to the "Hope and Change" that was promised.

What we saw tonight wasn't a triumph for the Tea Party--it was the punishment of the Democratic Party for failing to deliver on the promises it made in 2008. So be it.

Hopefully, the next time the Democratic Party has this opportunity, it will show more spine.