Friday, November 05, 2010

Brian Moran may be ineligible to be DPVA chairman

Unless Brian Moran quits his day job, he may be ineligible for the position of Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Let's consult the Code of Virginia:
§ 2.2-435. Prohibition for state party chairman.

The chairman or any full-time paid employee of a state political party, as defined in § 24.2-101, or a member of his immediate family, as defined in § 2.2-3101, shall not be employed as a lobbyist by any principal.

(1994, cc. 857, 937, § 2.1-794; 2001, c. 844.)
Hat tip Ben Tribbett.

There are some who are trying to split hairs here and say that Moran is a federal lobbyist while this law is only intended to apply to state lobbyists. To me the question is whether a Moran chairmanship would violate the letter of the law, or just its spirit. To me being a lobbyist--particularly for a controversial industry like for-profit education--is incompatible with the position of DPVA party chair.

Now Brian Moran is free to quit his day job and sever his connections to uber-lobbyist Harris Miller, but the question then becomes whether Moran is willing to sacrifice that income in order to focus on rebuilding the DPVA.

More and more, Moran looks like someone who would be a part-time chairman with real or apparent conflicts of interest. The DPVA central committee needs to start looking at alternatives rather simply rushing to fulfill the wishes of a handful of insiders.

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JR said...

Peter Rousselot would be a superb chair for DPVA. He would be a full-time chair and his leadership skills as a former county committee chair are unsurpassed.