Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is today's Republican Party

Today's Republican Party: an ignorant mob of violent thugs.

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JTylerBallance said...

Some on the Republican side really are the kind of guys who will stomp on a person's head, even when they are already down, even if the person is a young woman.

However, let's not forget some of the behavior exhibited by SEIU as they got carried away over their pet political issues.

Regardless of the video of the moment,(and it did show repugnant behavior), we must never let the Republican Party return to power in the United States.

The citizens have already begun to forget that the Bush Neocons rounded up US citizens and had them carted off to Iraq to be tortured and, in some cases murdered. This same gang simply suspended the Constitution whenever it fit their plans. DOJ still has an "enemies list" that was grown during the Bush regime from a few hundred to over 1.2 million Americans.

While the Obama Administration conducted an audit of the enemies list, where 120,000 names were found to be on the list without supporting documents, so far Obama's team has not provided any method for citizens to discover or reclama their name being on the list.

It will take two full terms to undue the damage that Bush did to our civil liberties. It is indeed ironic that the tea bag folks are so eager to vote the Republicans back into power, all while chanting about LIBERTY and carrying our, "Don't Tread on Me!" flags.

We need to carefully demonstrate to the citizens that our Democratic Party remains the best hope for all citizens who treasure freedom and justice.