Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Republican Party: Made in China.

The Republican Party is being funded by foreign money funneled from Communist China, among other places. The Republican Party is using the U.S Chamber of Commerce to launder foreign donations which are then used to support Republican candidates and attack Democrats. The GOP has been bought and paid for by foreign interests.
A ThinkProgress investigation has found that the Chamber funds its political attack campaign out of its general account, which solicits foreign funding. And while the Chamber will likely assert it has internal controls, foreign money is fungible, permitting the Chamber to run its unprecedented attack campaign. According to legal experts consulted by ThinkProgress, the Chamber is likely skirting longstanding campaign finance law that bans the involvement of foreign corporations in American elections.

In recent years, the Chamber has become very aggressive with its fundraising, opening offices abroad and helping to found foreign chapters (known as Business Councils or “AmChams”). While many of these foreign operations include American businesses with interests overseas, the Chamber has also spearheaded an effort to raise money from foreign corporations, including ones controlled by foreign governments. These foreign members of the Chamber send money either directly to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, or the foreign members fund their local Chamber, which in turn, transfers dues payments back to the Chamber’s H Street office in Washington DC. These funds are commingled to the Chamber’s 501(c)(6) account which is the vehicle for the attack ads.
Let's be blunt: voting Republican isn't patriotic, it's the opposite of patriotic. Voting Republican is voting to sell our nation out to China or Bahrain or whomever is the highest bidder with access to the Republican Party.

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