Monday, October 25, 2010

Republican Congresswoman gives graphic description of abortion to six-year olds

This is the Republican Party:
The career highlight reel of Ohio Republican Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has taken yet another bizarre and sinister twist. OhioDaily has learned that an elementary school in Hamilton County has taken the unusual step of alerting parents, by written letter, to a situation that occurred at the school last week involving the controversial third-term Congresswoman from the Cincinnati Metro area.

According to two credible sources close to parents at the school, Congresswoman Schmidt appeared as a speaker to a group of students–the youngest of the students being in first grade. Immediately following her normal "day in the life of a Congresswoman" presentation, Schmidt jumped off topic saying "I'm going to get political for a moment." She immediately launched into a rather graphic discussion about abortion. Students, teachers, and parents stood in complete shock at what they were hearing.
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