Friday, October 22, 2010

Republican calling for violent overthrow of U.S. Government

This year's elections are not going to yield a clear Republican victory. At most, the GOP might capture a slim majority in the House; the Tea Party has already ensured that the GOP can't hope to win the Senate. So what's the GOP's answer if they fail? For some Republicans, it will be terrorism:
Stephen Broden, a Republican running for Congress in a Dallas, Texas district, says if the Nov. 2 election does not yield the desired change in Washington then a violent overthrow of government would be one option "on the table," the Dallas Morning News reported.

Broden, a South Dallas pastor, made the remark in a prolonged back-and-forth exchange with WFAA-TV on Thursday.
When asked about his statement last year at a tea party event that the nation's government is tyrannical and could be altered by revolution if constitutional remedies fail, Broden initially avoided talk of insurrection. Altering it or abolishing it would be the best way to deal with repressive government, he said.
How many Republicans do you think will begin engaging in acts of terrorism after this year's elections?

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