Thursday, October 07, 2010

The GOP thinks West Virginians are ignorant hicks

Watch this ad commissioned by the NRSC: it pretty much tells you what the Republican Party thinks of West Virginians, that they are ignorant, gullible "hicks."
The National Republican Senatorial Committee is pulling its "Stop Obama" ad off the air in West Virginia amid a controversy over a casting call that reportedly asked for actors with a "'hicky' blue collar look."

* * *

The ad's existence first was reported by Politico's Mike Allen. According to his report, the casting call for the ad asked for actors with a "'hicky' blue collar look ... think coal miner/trucker looks."

It's not unusual for ads to feature actors; the "Stop Obama" ad included professional actors and was made in Philadelphia.
Get it? These aren't real West Virginians: they're professional actors portraying West Virginians as a bunch of ignorant assholes at a truck stop. No wonder the NRSC pulled the plug on this ad.

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James Young said...

Yeah. Next thing you know, Republicans will be accusing them of being "bitter," and "cling[ing] to guns or religion."

Oh, wait. That was President Barry.

Or being "poor, ignorant, and easy to command."

Or was that the WaPo.