Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eric Cantor is a flamer!

Does Diana Cantor know about this?

The Richmond Times Dispatch recently became the home of Politifact Virginia, and today the paper's website ripped Eric Cantor with a "Pants on Fire" rating--accompanied by the graphic above--for one of Cantor's recent political statements:
[Eric Cantor] said that in the past two years, Democrats "spent more money than this country has spent in the last 200 years combined." That's wrong no matter how you slice it. And it's not just wrong -- it's ridiculously false. We rate the claim Pants on Fire!
Wow, that means that Eric Cantor's claim was super-extra-false and Cantor is a giant liar. Normally Eric Cantor gets a free pass from the Richmond Times Dispatch, though I can't imagine why:
(Cantor’s wife, Diana Cantor, is a member of the board of directors of Media General Inc., parent company of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.)
Oh yeah, I remember now.

I wonder if the editorial board of the Richmond Times Dispatch cleared it with Diana Cantor before they decided to suddenly switched over to fact-based reporting with less than a week to go before the election?

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