Thursday, October 07, 2010

Eric Cantor dodges another debate

It is astonishing to me that Eric Cantor is too cowardly to present himself at just one debate, to face his challengers and face his constituents. Eric Cantor is unfit to be a member of Congress, let alone a leader of one of the major political parties.
A Media Advisory From Richmond First Club
Richmond League of Women Voters

7th District Congressional Candidates Forum
Monday, October 11

Candidates Floyd Bayne (I) and Rick Waugh (D)

7 p.m. Tuckahoe Public Library, off Parham Road
1901 Starling Drive

Lou Dean, Moderator, with Ken Wilson

Sponsored by the Richmond League of Women Voters and the Richmond First Club

Forum will be broadcast on WVTF Radio I. Q. 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 13

Charlottesville FM 88.5, Richmond FM 92.5
Also in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Ferrum/Southside Va.

(Congressman Eric Cantor Declined to Participate)

Candidate Contacts: Floyd Bayne Campaign 804-858-4580; Rick Waugh Campaign 434-953-9203; Congressman Eric Cantor Campaign 804-358-6160

Forum Contact: Nancy Finch, President, Richmond First Club 804-272-6188
If Eric Cantor was capable of feeling shame or had possessed a shred of simple human self respect, he would show up to one of these debates and demonstrate why he thinks he is the best person to represent Virginia's 7th Congressional District. Eric Cantor apparently holds his constituents in complete contempt.

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