Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Epic Republican Fail: Republicans aren't campaigning on their "Pledge to America"

The Party of No is also the Party of No Ideas:
A week after House Republican leaders gathered at a lumberyard in Sterling to announce their "Pledge to America," one of the party's prized recruits stopped at a business about 150 miles away to make a campaign pitch about taxes, regulation and the government's role.

Virginia state Sen. Robert Hurt touched on many of the themes of the pledge, but he didn't mention it by name or quote a single line from the 48-page document. He hadn't even looked at it.

"I have not sat down and read it," said Hurt, adding that he had glimpsed "summaries of it."
Wow, talk about a party that is bereft of ideas. The Republican candidate in Virginia's 5th Congressional District can't even be troubled to read his party's latest political manifesto?

The United States faces real problems, real issues, but all the Republican Party cares about is getting back into power so they can sell earmarks to their cronies. The GOP exists for the sole purpose of selling influence to the highest bidder.

Read more about the moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party here.

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