Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Draft Donald McEachin!

There are rumors, still officially unconfirmed, that Dickie Cranwell, current chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, may decide to to step down in the near future. Dickie Cranwell has had a exceptional career of public service to the Commonwealth of Virginia, both as an elected official and as a leader within the Democratic Party. Cranwell's political career is in its fourth decade and has seen both happy times and setbacks in a long and distinguished record of public service.

But the Democratic Party stands at a turning point in its history, both nationally and here in Virginia. Even as we thank Chairman Cranwell for his many years of hard work, we need to turn our eyes to the future of the Democratic Party of Virginia and look for a leader who can provide us with the kind of leadership we need to face the challenges of the 21st century. I believe that State Senator Donald McEachin may be that leader.

Donald McEachin has distinguished himself as someone who can stand on principle while winning respect from both sides of the aisle. He has been tireless in his efforts to support the Democratic Party, campaigning for Democrats across the commonwealth and speaking to groups of Democrats, Liberals and Progressives wherever they have gathered.

In addition to being a respected legislator, McEachin is already a Vice Chair of the DPVA and partner of his own successful law firm. McEachin would bring a respected public profile, an insider's knowledge of party politics, and a wealth of practical management skills to the task of leading the DPVA and working with its director, David Mills. For these reasons, and for more many that I haven't the time to mention here, I urge you to call on Donald McEachin to consider taking on the responsibility of the Chairmanship of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

Click here to sign the petition to draft Donald McEachin.

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