Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time is running out on McDonnell and ABC privatization

Bob McDonnell is in trouble. He's pursued ABC privatization straight down a rabbit hole and he is apparently unable to pivot away to something else. ABC privatization is a dead end, especially in the way that McDonnell has proposed it. It's becoming an open question as to whether he'll be able to carry half of the Republicans in the General Assembly for his proposal: Democrats will overwhelmingly oppose it.

Bob McDonnell doesn't have unlimited time. The Governor of Virginia is limited to a single consecutive term. Most governors in recent history have tried to do something, tried to achieve something that they can subsequently point to: a legacy. Bob McDonnell is placing his legacy at risk.

Bob McDonnell probably would like to point to fiscal responsibility as an achievement, but he really can't. He "balanced" the current budget by "borrowing" from the state employees' retirement fund and by accepting huge amounts of stimulus cash from the Obama administration. McDonnell solved nothing: he just kicked the can down the road, ensuring that his successor--Republican or Democrat--will inherit a problem that McDonnell promising to solve.

Bob McDonnell has driven his administration into a ditch and he seems to be incapable of backing up and getting back onto the paved road. McDonnell seems content to bump along in the mud. His ABC privatization plan has failed, but he continues to tinker with it rather than moving on to more realistic goals.

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