Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm eating barbecue today

I'm eating barbecue today, and I'll probably wash it down with a few beers.

I'm sitting in the DPVA's central committee meeting this morning. We just said the pledge of allegiance and observed a moment of silence for those lost on 9/11, as is proper.

But one thing you won't find me doing today is obsessing about the 9/11 attacks--or exploiting them for political purposes. I honor the memory of those who fell on 9/11 and the men and women who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan since then. I honor them several times a year: on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans' Day.

I don't plan to do much on 9/11 though, other than eat barbecue and drink beer. Why? Because I don't let terrorists dictate to me what days are holidays, and I certainly don't let political opportunists like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin tell me what I can and can't do on this or any day.

Later on today I'll be joining my fellow Democrats at Mark Warner's barbecue. It is a Saturday in late summer in Virginia. The nights are turning chilly and there's a scent of wood smoke in the air. Soon the leaves on the trees will start to change colors. On days like these I gather with friends to enjoy good food, college football, and a few frosty beers.

Nothing any terrorist or Republican can do or say will ever change that. Virginia and its traditions--even humble traditions like barbecue and college football--are bigger than the hate represented by the terrorists or the political exploitation of national tragedy by political hacks.

So I'm eating barbecue today, and I'll probably wash it down with a few beers. I bet you still have time to call around to your friends and have a barbecue of your own today. Do whatever you want to do today. You are Americans and you live in a free country: celebrate that.

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