Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tea Party Tokenism

Jacob over at Novatownhall is upset that people in the mainstream media don't "get it" that the Tea Party has no problem with racism. What Jacob doesn't seem to "get" is that no one is fooled by the Tea Party's latest gesture of Tokenism.

From Wikipedia:
Tokenism refers to a policy or practice of limited inclusion of members of a minority group, usually creating a false appearance of inclusive practices, intentional or not. Typical examples in real life and fiction include purposely including a member of a minority race (such as a black character in a mainly white cast, or a woman in a traditionally male universe) into a group. Classically, token characters have some reduced capacity compared to the other characters and may have bland or inoffensive personalities so as to not be accused of stereotyping negative traits. Alternatively, their differences may be overemphasized or made "exotic" and glamorous.
Any member of the mainstream media that fell for the kind of staged tokenism the Tea Party demonstrated in this video would be a laughingstock.


fightinwordsusa said...

Congratulations, you can cite a definition. Now, can you apply it toward the craft of a meaningful argument? How exactly does the Tea Party movement exclude blacks? Is the mere presence of a black person within the movement make them a "token?"

J.C. Wilmore said...

Rev. said...

JC - is the best you can do? How about something that at least pretends to be objective?