Monday, August 23, 2010

The imminent threat of "Cessationism"

I've written more than once on this blog about neo-confederates and the threat they pose to our society with their threats of "secession." But now we are confronted by an entirely new threat from the far right wing: "Cessationists." Cessationists are neo-confederates who aren't smart enough to use the word "secession" in a sentence:
Right to cessation? How about a right to expel?

With the way the country is, and the way Lincoln trampled the constitution (even call these united states “a nation” instead of looking at this as a union of independent states) we need not a right of cessation, but a right to expel. I’d like to put on the list Maryland, Mass., California (at least the southern part), New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan and a hand-full of New England states.
That little gem is from Brian Withnell of the Novatownhall blog. Yes Virginia, there are actually people out there threatening to break up our nation and kick out entire states they don't like and these people don't know the difference between "secessionism" and "cessationism." This is the mentality of today's Republican Party.

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