Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How Republican terrorism works

Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has an opinion piece up at Huffington Post that neatly describes how Republican terrorism works. First step, identify a potential target. Second step, have a conservative radio or television personality launch a smear campaign against the targeted group or organization. Make sure the on air personality uses extreme language and dishonest arguments to identify the target as a threat to the United States, and then step back and wait for one of the mentally challenged sociopaths who tune into Republican talk radio or Fox News to launch a deadly attack:
Ever heard of the Tides Foundation? Like most Americans, I wasn't familiar with it, either. I only recently learned about Tides' history of support for progressive causes, such as environmentalism, human rights, education, and combating the global AIDS crisis.

Sadly, I only got wind of what this foundation does because of what's happened since Fox Network Host Glenn Beck started to dishonestly attack the work of Tides as part of a plan to "seize power and destroy capitalism."

Beck has used his TV show and his celebrity at least 29 times over 18 months to disparage this foundation with inflammatory rhetoric -- rhetoric which recently inspired one of his California viewers to start a "revolution" against Tides' leaders by attempting to kill them.
Read Helmke's entire post at the Huffington Post.

Thankfully, as I alluded to above, most would-be Republican terrorists are mentally challenged sociopaths who frequently lack the ability to carry out their plans of attack in full. But what all these attacks have in common--whether it be a shot gun attack on a Knoxville Church, the assassination of the Arkansas Democratic Chair, the gunning down of West Memphis police officers, the kamikaze attack on the Austin IRS office, or the failed attack on the Tides Foundation--is that all of these attacks had their root in the hate speech deliberately promoted by the Republican Party.


Cargosquid said...

Except, again, you're wrong.

It is the Left that actively urges violence and commits it. Beck actively urges NO violence.

Your examples are also incorrect. Adkisson, in the Unitarian church killings was a nut. The Arkansas killing investigation found NO motive.

Again, in the West Memphis shootings, no motive is known. The press, again, is making things up instead of reporting. Those killers killed the only witnesses before being killed.

The IRS building attack was committed by a supporter of communism....not good Republican material.

And lastly, the Tides attacker is a nut.

Can we now blame all leftist caused violence on Olberman, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama?

Start checking into the claims before you blindly support the reporting of the media.

Oh, and Helmke is known to lie in furtherance of his agendas. I would double check anything from him.

Fellow American said...

The entire Republican party is a terrorist organization. Look at history, lying continously to the people. Lying us into war. This has happened more than once. Using fear to manipulate the population and destrtoy the middle class. Promoting policies that have lead to finacial colapse more than twice in the last century. ( Yes, even the ones pasted by Democrats They only go there to make themselves more Republican like.)

Puposely running up the debt so they can erode the social saftey net and destroy health care for needy people. They are not Christian or Patriots. They are greedy,selfish evil men and women that are tring to hold America hostage during a time of War.

I ask you to purge them on election day.

Fellow American