Sunday, August 01, 2010

"Green" Tea Party candidate scourges Cantor from the right

Tyler Whitley profiles Floyd C. Bayne in the Richmond Times Dispatch:
The 53-year-old Midlothian resident thinks Rep. Eric Cantor, R-7th, is too liberal, that the government spends too much money, and "the less government the better."

"The federal government's job is to make sure I don't violate your rights and you don't violate my rights, and the government itself doesn't do so," Bayne said.

When Cantor voted twice for TARP bills -- the Troubled Asset Relief Program in which the federal government bought assets from financial institutions -- Bayne thought, "Somebody's got to challenge this guy. He doesn't mind spending money as long as Republicans say, 'OK.' The only time it is a problem is when the Democrats are in power."

So he stepped forward to run as an Independent Green in the 7th Congressional District against Cantor and Democrat Rick Waugh.
Don't let the label "Independent Green" fool you: Floyd C. Bayne is a classic Tea Party candidate, right down to the Joe the Plumber hair-style.
Bayne said his platform is similar to that of the tea-party movement, and he has picked up tea-party support.

He would end the Federal Reserve System and return to the gold standard. He thinks the Patriot Act went too far. He doesn't think the United States should get into nation-building.

Bayne would like to do away with Social Security but believes that those who have paid into it should continue in the program.

"If you get government out of the way, you get something done," he said.
You can read the entire profile at the Richmond Times Dispatch.

You can visit Floyd C. Bayne here.

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