Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dippert criticizes Cantor in Star Exponent Op-Ed

Traci Dippert, the Chairwoman, Culpeper County Democratic Party, took on Representative Eric Cantor in a Culpeper Star Exponent Op-Ed today:
Problem two: He stated that this legislation “would create a $10 billion Education Jobs Fund for state and local governments and would also extend the federal matching rate for state Medicaid programs through June, 2011.” He reported that the bill passed the House of Representatives 247-161 and was signed into law by the president on Aug. 10.

You may be wondering why I started this paragraph with problem two. The problem isn’t the bill; the problem is he did not vote for it. Not only did he not vote for it; he purposefully and blatantly tried to mislead me, a constituent, to believe that he did. The essence of the response letter is to take credit for something he doesn’t deserve while attempting to convince me that he is representing me. He is not representing me.
You can read the entire Op-Ed at the Culpeper Star Exponent's site.

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