Sunday, August 15, 2010

Did the 5th District Tea Party strike again?

The 5th Congressional District Tea Party may have struck again. The Republican candidate in the 5th, Robert Hurt, was apparently the target of a "white powder" attack. Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello condemned the attack. Perriello of course has good reason to be concerned by extremists, having already been their target once before:
"If this was meant to be a threat, and particularly if it was in any way politically motivated, I hope the cowards behind this will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law," the statement said.

Perriello is no stranger to incidents of political intimidation.

In March, tea-party supporters posted what they thought was Perriello's Charlottesville address online so opponents could "drop by" and "express their thanks" for his vote in favor of health-care reform.

The address was actually his brother's and the following day a gas line to an outdoor grill on the porch was cut at the house. Local officials deemed the incident "a deliberate act of vandalism" that could have posed a danger.
The 5th District Tea Party denied all connection with the attack on Perriello's brother's family home. It should be noted that Robert Hurt is not the Tea Party's preferred candidate in the 5th, and recently Hurt refused to debate Periello and his Tea Party challenger Jeff Clark.

Did one of Clark's disappointed supporters decide to seek revenge? Hopefully law enforcement will have more luck investigating this attack than they did in their investigation of the attack on Perriello's brother's home.

Read more at the Richmond Times Dispatch.


James Young said...

You would think that someone who holds himself out as an attorney would have a little more respect for evidence and fact.

To my knowledge --- by all means, correct me if I am wrong --- NO one has been charged or even claims credit for the incident at Perriello's home, and it is merely moonbat fantasy which deems it an "incident[] of political intimidation."

J.C. Wilmore said...

On the contrary James: the incident was "a deliberate act of vandalism" according to law enforcement. It was, in fact, attempted arson.

Now I made note right there in my post that the 5th District Tea Party denies any responsibility.

But everybody knows that the "deliberate act of vandalism" occurred after a Tea Party website identified Perriello's brother's home as Perriello's own home and urged Tea Party members to visit the congressman in person.

People can draw their own conclusions James, but it seems like bad things happen to people who cross the 5th District Tea Party.