Friday, August 13, 2010

Caught in a lie, Republican legislator flips out

Republicans love to cook up scary stories they can then use to terrorize Americans into voting for them. It's also pretty rare these days for a journalist to do a little digging to find out whether these stories are true. Usually the Republican is invited on a cable television where he is allowed to tell his lie, then a moderate--who is supposedly representing the Democratic viewpoint--offers an unconvincing rebuttal, and then the host of the show sort of shrugs and invites people to make up their own minds.

That's not what happened last night on Anderson Cooper 360. Last night, Anderson Cooper called out Representative Louie Gohmert for spreading the false "terror babies" story on the floor of the House of Representatives. Caught in a lie, Gohmert flips out and goes on a rant for several minutes. Cooper gave the congressman ample opportunity to supply real evidence for the "terror babies" story, but because it's a lie concocted by Republicans to scare people Gohmert was unable to offer any evidence.

That's the Republican Party for you.

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