Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cantor protégé faces domestic violence allegations

Eric Cantor (left) and David M. Rivera (right)

Via the DCCC:
A shocking investigation by the Miami Herald and CBS 4 Miami alleged that highly touted Republican candidate, David Rivera, has a history of domestic violence and even ran a delivery truck off the road to prevent a rival candidate’s campaign literature from being mailed about the situation. House Republican Whip and Young Guns Program founder, Representative Eric Cantor, has touted and supported Rivera’s campaign, including naming him to the top NRCC Young Guns program, contributing to his campaign and campaigning with him in Florida.

"One day Republican leaders like Eric Cantor promote the candidacy and character of David Rivera and the next these explosive revelations come to light," said spokesperson Jennifer Crider for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Domestic violence and running trucks off the road aren’t new allegations, but that hasn’t stopped David Rivera from lying about them and Eric Cantor from ignoring them in hopes of winning an election. Eric Cantor is sending a clear message to women: dangerous, scandal plagued candidates like David Rivera represent the kind of leadership Republicans are offering voters this November."
Hyperbole aside, there is nothing particularly shocking about Eric Cantor consorting with shifty characters. Cantor has always been drawn other Republicans who push the rules to the breaking point: Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff, and many others. Eric Cantor will always be inextricably linked with Tom DeLay.

Read the complete story at The Miami Herald.

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