Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Burn the Confederate Flag Day

I can only wonder what the reaction from Tea Partiers would be if this actually happens:
An anonymous liberal blogger in Washington state hopes that progressives across the country will show up to tea party rallies on September 12 and -- if it's legal -- light up a confederate flag so tea partiers can watch it burn.

"I think that it would start a great conversation about race and about how it's being used for political gain right now," the blogger, who preferred to be identified by his online handle, "General J.C. Christian," told me Monday. "I can imagine people showing up at the tea parties, which I'll do at my local one, and the tea party backers will start explaining why [the flag] is about state's rights, not slavery, and all that and basically hang themselves."
Read the entire article at TPMDC. You can visit General J.C. Christian at Jesus' General.

I can't bring myself to endorse this. I think the blogger behind this is hoping that the Tea Party will react in a way that embarrasses the Tea Party. I worry that Tea Party members could react violently. Many Tea Party members proudly carry and brandish firearms. Who knows how many more carry concealed weapons. Burn the Confederate Flag they love so much in front of their faces and who knows, you might end up with another Boston Massacre.


Cargosquid said...

Soooo....the Washington State Tea Party and St. Louis Tea Party, etc will care about the Confederate flag?

Really. You think that we actually care about THAT flag?


Bob said...

I just bought 2 I will be burning at the St.Louis Tea party. Cant wait. And yes,I will have my gun with me.

TrueConfederate said...

I will also attend.
I will carry a fire extinguisher.
I will use it if required.
Shoot me if you will !