Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bad news for Cuccinelli

Bad news for Ken Cuccinelli and his fellow Virginia Republicans:
Less than 10 minutes after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, 13 conservative attorneys general filed a lawsuit to overturn the new legislation. In addition, multiple Republican governors bypassed their Democratic state attorneys general in order to join the suit.

At the time they filed the lawsuit, five of the plaintiffs were running for governor of their state. All five cited their lawsuit against health care reform as a central selling point in their campaigns. In South Carolina, Attorney General Henry McMaster (R) touted in multiple ads how “when President Obama and the Washington radicals pushed their unconstitutional takeover of health care, I pushed back.” Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox sounded the same tune, declaring in a commercial that he “led the fight against Obamacare.”

Last night, Cox became the third of these five Republicans to lose in his state’s gubernatorial primary. With a fourth is on track to lose later this month, only Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, who faced nominal opposition, will have successfully won his primary after suing health care reform.
The attorney generals who launched political law suits against healthcare reform have ended up losing their bids to be governors of their states.

Cuccinelli's plan to enact a far right agenda through litigation may look like a great way to crowd Bill Bolling out for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2013, but it will ultimately cost the Republicans the election by alienating independent center voters. Ken Cuccinelli is an extreme right wing politican, and he shows that more and more every time he files another wasteful politicized lawsuit.

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