Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Support the Rappahannock County Democratic Committee's "Dog Days of Summer Yard Sale"

From RCDC Chair Steve Beatty:
To all who live in or near Rappahannock County:

The RCDC's primary fundraiser is our annual Dog Days of Summer Yard Sale. This year, the proceeds of the sale will largely be used for the furthering of good government by supporting Rick Waugh's campaign for the US House of Representatives. Our current representative, Eric Cantor, is one of those Republican leaders responsible for the total opposition of everything we elected President Obama and Senators Webb and Warner to achieve on our behalf. Every dollar donated to Rick's campaign increases his odds of defeating Cantor, and reduces the amount that Cantor can donate to Republican and Tea Party candidates trying to unseat Democratic incumbents elsewhere.

We also support a long list of local organizations through smaller donations throughout the year. And we need to have cash on hand for minor operating costs.

Donations of items to sell in the yard sale have been scant this year. I don't know why, but it does seem like a lot of other organizations have started doing yard sales too.

Will you please go through your stuff and find items that we can sell in the yard sale? And then will you please call two or three of your neighbors and ask them to do the same? Call or email Larry Hepinstall (987-8316, or Jed Duvall (937-9934, to arrange a pickup. Please do this today or tomorrow.

Thank you.

Steve Beatty

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