Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Staggering waste and corruption in Afghanistan

American taxpayers are paying the tab for Afghan warlords to buy luxurious villas in Dubai. Billions of dollars meant for the war and to aid in rebuilding Afghanistan have been redirected into the pockets of corrupt Afghan politicians who are already planning their departure from Afghanistan when the inevitable collapse occurs. The waste and corruption are staggering.
You already might have heard that it costs the United States $1 million for each solider per year in Afghanistan, to cover the cost of the soldiers' benefits, troop transports and other material. What you might not have heard is that your hard earned taxpayer dollars are also being used to buy well-connected Afghans posh villas in Dubai.
It may be time to draw a rather obvious conclusion: no amount of hard work by Obama, treasure from U.S. taxpayers, and blood from U.S. service members may be enough to undo the corruption created by the mismanagement of the Bush administration. We have no allies in Afghanistan. Instead, we are caught between the Taliban, who want to kill us, and the Karzais, who only wish to plunder us.

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