Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now he shuts up?

Last week, when his group was accused of racism, Mark Williams couldn't shut up. Instead, he went on several news shows to denounce the NAACP for racism and then for extra points, he wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln.

His performance got Williams and his entire organization--the Tea Party Express--expelled from the Tea Party movement, effective this morning. So what does Mark Williams, the worst spokesman of all time, have to say? No comment:
Tea Party activist Mark Williams says he's done discussing the controversy stirred up by his attack on the NAACP, accusing a fellow movement leader of turning the debate into "a World Wrestling style personality conflict."

The National Tea Party Federation, an organization that seeks to represent the Tea Party political movement around the country, has expelled Williams and his Tea Party Express organization because of the inflammatory blog post Williams wrote last week, federation spokesman David Webb said Sunday. In response, Williams announced in another statement on his blog that, "I am refusing all media requests on this" and canceled a scheduled interview on CNN to discuss the controversy Sunday evening, citing a last-minute change in travel plans.
If Williams could have exercised a similar self-control last week, he and his followers might still be members of the Tea Party.

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