Monday, July 05, 2010

Meet the opposition: Timothy Dement edition

Barack Obama has a lot of enemies from different backgrounds. Some of you may be enemies of Barack Obama yourselves. I thought you might be interested to meet one of your fellow enemies: Timothy Dement, lately of Roanoke, Virginia.
The United States Secret Service (USSS) is investigating a man that investigators say made threats in Roanoke to kill President Barack Obama, and blow up a federal building.

The case began back on June 23rd. In a federal complaint, Special Agent Patrick Pavich with the USSS writes that Timothy Dement was arrested by Roanoke City Police officers on June 23rd for being drunk in public.

While Dement was being booked, investigators write that Dement threatened to kill the President, a Deputy U.S. Marshal, and two Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Dement got out of jail on June 28th.

Then on June 29th, Special Agent Pavich writes that a concerned citizen overheard Dement ask an employee of a fireworks stand near Valley View Mall if they, “sold explosives, or if they knew where he could get some.“ Pavich writes that concerned citizen asked Dement if he was serious, and Dement replies, “he was and that he intended on blowing up a Federal building.“
Yep, opposition to Barack Obama is just packed with interesting people . . . or maybe that should be "people of interest."

Just a thought, maybe the Roanoke police or the Secret Service might want to ask him about the attempt to burn down the home of Congressman Tom Perriello's brother.

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