Thursday, July 15, 2010

McEachin makes Style Weekly's Power List 2010!

State Senator Donald McEachin (9th Senate District - Richmond, Henrico County, and Charles CIty) has debuted on Style Weekly's Power List 2010, coming in at #37. Here's what Style Weekly had to say about McEachin:
"A liberal Democrat is a strange candidate to ride the coattails of conservative activist Ken Cuccinelli (No. 43), but lawyer and state Sen. Don McEachin has parlayed himself into the Republican establishment’s critic-in-chief and expanded his profile over the national airwaves. He’s pushed back on the opposition party’s handling of issues including health care and climate change. He’s already run for statewide office and lost, but he’ll be back."
Style got one thing right: McEachin has emerged as the principled spokesman for those who oppose the Republican administration of McDonnell, Bolling, and Cuccinelli (particularly Cuccinelli). But McEachin isn't riding anyone's coattails: he's a natural leader--probably why he was chosen to run for attorney general in 2001, when he was a wunderkind the Democratic establishment wasn't prepared to support in the general election. Nine years later McEachin has lost none of idealism that he had in 2001, but he's now a seasoned and respected leader within the Democratic Party of Virginia.

As for Cuccinelli, Style must have felt bad about initially ranking him at #43 (as they mention in McEachin's profile). In the actual power list they have him at #39--still two spaces behind McEachin. Maybe Style's editorial staff was worried that Cuccinelli would subpoena their college records, so they gave him a little (undeserved) bump.

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