Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ken Cuccinelli's mercenary heart is breaking tonight

Months after every other Virginia politician who received money from con artist Bobby Thompson did the right thing and donated that money to real veteran's charities, Ken Cuccinelli has finally caved in to mounting pressure to do the right thing:
More than $55,000 donated to the campaign of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli by the operator of a Navy veterans charity that is under investigation will be donated to veterans charities in Virginia, his campaign said today.

Political Director Noah Wall said the funds donated by the United States Navy Veterans Organization will instead be handed over to a committee of veterans in the commonwealth, who will decided how best to distribute the funds.

The decision follows revelations that the United States Navy Veterans Association, run by Bobby Thompson of Tampa, Fla., does not appear to have documentation of the veterans it claims to have served, and little or no organizational structure or officers beyond Thompson.

The USNVA is under investigation in at least four states, including Virginia. Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., a former secretary of the Navy, has called for an investigation by the Internal Revenue Service.
Cuccinelli must part with $55,500 in donations from Thompson and it's just killing him to do it. You can read more at the Richmond Times Dispatch.

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