Monday, July 26, 2010

Byrd Theater burglarized, damaged

This is a shame.
Donations to Richmond's grand movie palace in Carytown slowed with the economy and stalled plans to upgrade the 1928 theater's famously cramped seats and antiquated bathrooms.

But patron discomfort may be the least of the beloved Byrd's problems.

Yesterday morning, someone broke into the theater and cleaned out the bird cage, which probably held less than $100, said General Manager Todd Schall-Vess. A bigger problem was the damage to the theater doors, which may cost $1,200 to fix when the bills come in.
The Byrd Theater and the Byrd Theater Foundation need help. Richmonders need to step up and support this landmark historic theater.

Equally sad is that this crime was completely predictable. The block of Carytown where the Byrd sits is a magnet for homeless people. The old bird cage with a few dollars must have become too much of a temptation for one of these homeless people. Other crimes like this will probably follow. Once people are driven to the wall and they discover how easy it is to smash a window and grab something of value, more crime will follow.


F.T. Rea said...

The RT-D article had a mention of something that will probably cost the Byrd Theatre a lot more than those damaged doors. If one of the foundation's creators, Bertie Selvey, resigned out of "frustration" that's a bad sign that something is wrong at the Byrd.

I'd rather not speculate about the statements or motives of others, but I trust what Bertie says.

Mallory said...

The homeless should not be blamed for this crime. No one has been identified as the perpetrator; and, in any case, an entire group of people (such as teenagers, for instance) should not be implicated. It is not merely uncharitable, it is wrong.

J.C. Wilmore said...

You're right, on second thought it was probably a mortgage broker or an auditor from a Big 4 accounting firm.