Thursday, June 03, 2010

Waugh campaign knocks Cantor for offshore drilling position

Rick Waugh's campaign blog is going after Eric Cantor for his position on offshore drilling in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay.
Eric Cantor went on the record this year with remarks that he wants offshore drilling in Virginia's waters to begin in the next twelve months. In the wake of the greatest environmental disaster the world has seen in decades, you might expect him to change his mind, but if you had that expectation then you don't know Eric Cantor. Here you will find the following quote from Eric Cantor regarding President Obama's recent moratorium on off-shore oil drilling in the United States.
Waugh's campaign blog savages Cantor:
If oil drilling is Cantor's idea of a "comprehensive" energy policy, we are in more trouble. It is unconscionable. Solar, wind, switchgrass, and nuclear power all have proven track records in producing energy, yet Cantor and his cronies refuse to break with Big Oil and Saudi Arabia. Let's take care of the current problem and get some fresh ideas out there. Continuing to rely on non-renewable fuels -- and so to put our security in the hands of the Middle East -- is bad energy policy, bad environmental policy, and bad national security policy. It will not change until someone with an open mind replaces Cantor in our House of Representatives. This is your chance to make a difference, voters. Vote Rick Waugh if you want a sensible replacement for Cantor.
Read the entire post at Rick Waugh's campaign blog.

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