Saturday, June 26, 2010

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: A work in progress

I visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts a couple of weeks and ago and took some photos. I am really excited by the direction that the museum is headed in. It has just reopened many of its galleries, along with a new wing containing a new atrium, two restaurants, a store and more galleries. Other parts of the museum and its galleries are still undergoing renovation and expansion. There is already plenty to see and enjoy, but when this expansion plan is complete, Richmond and Virginia as a whole will have a world-class art museum.

The new Northeastern facade of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, showing the McGlothlin wing and Amuse Restaurant (top right).

The new Cochrane Atrium at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

A Roman emperor keeps watch over a marble tomb in a new gallery that has yet to be filled with a collection.

One of many refurbished galleries in the process of having its art work reinstalled.

Visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, located in the heart of Richmond's Museum District.

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