Saturday, June 05, 2010

Senator McEachin critical of McDonnell's decision to retain Malek

NBC 12's Ryan Nobles interviewed State Senator Donald McEachin in connection with Governor McDonnell's decision to retain Fred Malek as the head of the governor's commission on government reform:
"The fact remains that Connecticut state pension fund was misused and he had to pay a quarter of a million dollars in fines because of that," said Henrico State Senator Donald McEachin.

McEachin supports the idea of the commission and said he will wait to see what it produces. Several democrats have agreed to be apart of this reform effort, despite Malek's role Something McEachin said he wouldn't do.

"Yeah, I wouldn't serve on that commission with Fred Malek as the head," McEachin said.
Malek is notorious as the man who--on the orders of Richard Nixon--tried to purge the federal government of Jewish workers during the Nixon administration. In addition, as McEachin notes, Malek was involved in a scheme to defraud the Connecticut state pension fund and ended up having to pay a fine as a result of his actions. I agree with McEachin that serving alongside Fred Malek is not an option for anyone concerned with their public image. Democrats who serve on the commission should be aware that Democratic activists are likely to take note of their role, especially if--as expected--Malek's commission proposes nothing more than a fire sale of Virginia's assets at bargain prices to Malek and his cronies.

As for Governor McDonnell, he has shackled himself permanently to Fred Malek. McDonnell is now a hostage to Malek's past, present and future conduct. Did Governor McDonnell properly investigate Malek's background? McDonnell claims to not have known about Malek's role in the Nixon administration or the fraud against the state of Connecticut. What else does Governor McDonnell not know about Fred Malek? Has Malek done anything else that could compromise his service to Virginia?

Governor McDonnell has gambled his administration on Fred Malek. If Fred Malek turns out to be a crook, or incompetent, or compromised in any way--then Bob McDonnell will have to take full responsibility for the appointment and suffer whatever consequences there may be.

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