Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sarah Palin's incredible shrinking crowd

Yesterday I noted that Sarah Palin had spoken to a group of paying Republicans in a venue that can hold 10,000 people when it is full. I also noted that the Richmond Times Dispatch had said that the arena was less than one-third full, meaning the crowd size was something less than 3,333 people.

Now we hear from our friend Jim Hoeft that the crowd size was somewhat less than even one-third:
Only Mrs. Palin can get a couple thousand people out on a hot, steamy Virginia night and listen to Republican red meat. Even the other luminaries who appeared onstage that evening - Lee Greenwood, Oliver North, George Allen and Jay Sekulow - would have had a difficult time drawing such an audience in liberal Norfolk - let alone on the campus of Old Dominion on a Sunday night in the summer.

But there they were - at least 2,000 adoring fans cheering at the top of their lungs as the former governor strode onto the stage.
So now we've gone from "less than one-third" to about one-fifth.

Jim, if you don't understand why you were stopped from live-blogging the speech, then let me try to explain. You are probably too honest to be welcomed in Ms. Palin's circle of approved media types. You accurately described the size of the crowd and correctly characterized her speech as "boiler plate."

Jim, you're basically an honest guy. Why would a charlatan like Sarah Palin welcome you at any of her events?


servantsheartconservative said...

I was at Freedom Fest and there were a lot in the arena. Even the Daily Press reported that the arena was "half full" which would equate to around 4500-5000 people.

J.C. Wilmore said...

Jim Hoeft is probably the most trusted conservative in the Virginia political blogosphere and he said about two thousand.

Sorry new guy I have never heard of.

Steve said...

Sarah needs to write another book! That will get the crowd back.